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Hello! The overseas people who came from the page of "Gallery: Japan's Hottest Celebrity Bloggers"

I have already got some comment in Chinese but I don't understand. Also it doesn't work on my PC. I speak only Japanese and English. Use either language when you talk to me.

I gotta explain about "Day job: TV show host, manager of AuPair Japan." It is not like the "TV" show but just Video Podcast(it has not been updated recently). I think some of foreigner know Aupair(au pair). It is unfamous in Japan. I used to be Aupair for a year in the U.S. Now I make and manage the website Aupair Japan and Aupair Japan for Families. But my main job is OL(office worker... we call woman office worker OL in Japanese).

I'm glad to be carried wired.com!...other than announced my real name... It is big privacy in Japan(also other countries). I have believed the writer of such a famous site has to take the approval to publish personal real name. However, it was my misunderstanding, I should have confirmed more properly.

I asked Ms.Lisa for a revision just after the uploaded, but even now it doesn't change. I have no choice any more. But I don't think it is an irreparable problem because my real name has been on another website that I manage(it is very small). A risk surely follows to me if I wanna be on the internet.

This is infallible that wired.com give me the big chance to make new friends! I'm so happy :-D

I keep writing iGirl in Japanese but talk to me any place other than here
ex) twitter / MySpace


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ちなみに、本名修正は依頼したけど wired.com の編集長さんは許可してくれなかったみたいです。wired の方針とか何とか。私は「まぁいいや」で済ませれましたが、本名公開したくない方、wired から取材依頼来たとき名前については事前に確認することをオススメしますっ!