I have a lot of good friends ;-)


(I entry my vox(iGirl). Also I post here same things.)

I had wrote at mixi, two of my friends came to a restaurant which is near from my house to celebrate my birthday. They live KOBE and KYOTO, and also the day was rain... I appreciate them.

They give me some PINK stuff 'couse I love PINK so much! I was so so glad. This is the cake they prepared as a secret from me!

"しゃみ" is my nickname. (for English speaker... "おたんじょうびおめでとう" means "HAPPY BIRTHDAY") The cake was one of the most delicious I've ever had(I'm serious!)

I'm sure this new age will become beautiful days more than last year.Thanks a lot!

And I'd moved to new house on 23rd. Now I'm creazy busy but enjoy it :-)
I hope I can make the room so clean and fashionable!

love u a lot,