Dear Pat


Thank you for the wounderful gift for us. I am so grateful that I have good friend like you! We held a wedding party on November 11th in Kobe. 80 friends came to :-) It is so big party, isn't it?! In this time, we invited just friends. We're gonna held the wedding party for family on next year February 11th. I'm happy to wear beautiful dress many times :-D
Well, how's your life going? I hope everything is fine. My new life is bright and happiness. I have great husband and friends. Often I enjjoy talking to them on the internet. Some friends, I never met, but they are clever and interesting. The class of some universities in the United States can be audited free of charge on the internet. That's wounderful! Of course I cannot understand completely :-( but it would be good practice for me.
I will keep enjoying my life with your gift :-D I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Love a lot, Asami